Artist Biography 

PEREGO arrived on the planet on the 24th day of October in 1967. A triple Scorpio, the stars lending their unanimous opinion to a being determined and forceful, emotional and intuitive, powerful and passionate, exciting and magnetic. He would discover at age 28 also being gifted with a then unknown artistic family legacy. He immediately showed talent in art, theater and music and seemed destined for creativity at an early age.

After a brief stint in art school, Perego (now 19) dropped out and enrolled in the school of life. Embarking on a career as a freelance commercial artist with a repertoire of screen printing, sign writing, airbrush, portraiture and large scale murals. Arriving in Philadelphia in 1990, Perego saturated the hip and funky South Street area with his unique blend of urban expression and inspirational energy. Night clubs, coffeehouses, and restaurants all had murals and storefronts by Perego.

After bouncing up & down the East Coast he settled into the Daytona Beach area in 1992. Perego soon began applying his talents, expanding into interior design in the beachside locale.

The nationally acclaimed, award winning historic mural in the city of Deland, Fl., (the signature piece of the Volusia County Courthouse), and the largest Harley dealer in the world, (Bruce Rossmeyer's Harley Davidson of Daytona, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, and Sunrise) both carry Perego's signature. As a designer, artist and activist throughout central Florida, Perego was sought as Art Director for Eros Corp., a local entertainment developer, Scenic City (Deland), a group he led in painting of the massive AT&T world globe (Times Square). Other projects include: the 25th Anniversary signage for Walt Disney World (Orlando), Barney's Coffee (Celebration), the 13,000 sq ft trompe L’oeil outdoor mural adorning ABC Carpet and Home (Boca Raton), and Theatrical Designer for A.P.A. Studios, a New York based animation studio. As Art Director for Walt Disney World Ent., Perego's vision helped launch the 1998 Disney Cruise Line Inaugural Event (Cape Canaveral), the Animal Kingdom Press Event and the Premier Party for Cirque du Soliel (Downtown Disney, Orlando). The T.D. Waterhouse (Orlando), and the Office Depot Center (Sunrise, FL.) also exhibit his work. Perego now works coast-to-coast, for the leading industries, loving every minute of it. His home base is in Ormond Beach, Florida, with his love, Nina, and his three wonderful and bright children; Marcella, Thoren, and baby Phoenix.

About the ART
The art shown here is what Perego does for fun. "It interests me. I am not manifesting another's vision or dream, only my own, or rather the unknown. I make my "living" doing work for others, so when I make art for me…well, I want to create images that blow your mind, blow my mind, that push you to the edge, to look into and find some amazing unknown thing. I want you to breathe hard, I want to shock. I want you to fall in love. I paint amazingly beautiful paintings in the grandest places for the nicest people, and I love that too, but for me, I want more than just "pretty". I want you to feel, I want you to want, I want you to open your eyes wide and see the infinite.

Inspired by classical, modern, pop and abstract art and equipped with an extraordinary ability to use diverse techniques and styles as if they were also colors on his palette, Perego's subjects range from mythical and prophetic, to comic book psychedelic. Often surrealist in nature, his images demand close inspection to reveal it's esoteric messages.

Available Works

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