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Harland Young is widely known as one of the premier Western artists in the United States. His use of rich resonant colors and light, as well as his ability to capture motion in his canvases and bronzes has earned him respect and praise from art critics across the country.

Young was born in 1924 in the Ozark mountain town of Neosho, Missouri, but he grew up on a horse and cattle ranch in California. Thus began his intense admiration for animals and the outdoors. Except for his period of service with the Air Corps in World War II, his entire life has been devoted to his art and his horses. He attended the Art Center College in Los Angeles and graduated in 1951 with a Bachelor''s of Fine Art degree. He then worked for eleven years as a commercial illustrator for an ad agency. in 1956 he opened his first studio.

From 1966 to 1971, Young participated in the Laguna Festival of Art and in 1968 he bacame a member of the Laguna Beach Artists Association and the Greater Los Angeles Press Club. The highlight of his career occurred in 1970 when Young was chosen by the Greater Los Angeles Press Club to paint a portrait of John Wayne for his introduction as the Press Club''s Man of the Year.

In the mid-seventies, Young decided to concentrate soley on his art and in 1976, sold his ranch. From that time to the present, Young has owned five art galleries in Laguna Beach, California and Scottsdale, AZ.

Young got involved in limited edition collectibles in 1981 when he produced his first collector''s plate for Kern Collectibles. "The Arabian" sold out and quickly rose in value by 200 percent. between 1981 and 1983, Kern Collectibles produced nine Harland Young plates which were all very popular.

Then, in 1984, The Nelson Rockefeller Collection Gallery gave Young a thirty-day one-man Western Art Show featuring his paintings as well as his bronzes.

Although Young is best known for his Western art, he is extremely versatile in other subject matter.

Young''s wide range of talent didn''t go unoticed by the people at WundaWeve who commisioned him to produce original paintings for the Symphony of Color Series.

"Harland Young is an artist who is the master of the fleeting moment...a man who brings his subjects alive and in motion on canvas."-Kirk Ford, art critic and columnist

"His paintings of animals tell best his feelings about beauty in nature. The movement he gives his horses, for example, may well be a way of experiencing through his creations a freedom not possible in a disciplined world."-Davis Gee, Editor of Coast Art Magazine

Today, Harland Young lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He continues to produce fine art, much of which reflects a lifelong admiration of wildlife and natural beauty.

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