Artist Biography 

Painter and Printmaker:

Hedy Price Paley

Hand-pulled original oil monotypes.  Giclee prints and mixed media paintings.  Fascinating subject matter and multi-layered art.


Hedy began her love affair with art at a very early age, drawing pictures of people and places that she had seen and visited with her family.  She describes her style as contemporary impressionism.  Hedy captures the essence of being in her work through a combination of thought and spontaneous action; impressions reflected from her soul.  Her work is free spirited and bold yet soft and often subtle images emerge.  The spirit of whatever she paints comes through with her graceful movements and multitude of fabulos colors.  Contrast, color, texture, movement and discovery produce an element of mystery and adventure in her art.

Hedy Price Paley has pursued her love for art at the University of Wisconsin and in Santa Fe, New Mexico, studying with master Printmaker, Ron Pokrasso.  Hedy is an award wining artist, she has exhibited in the Getty Museum, is a founding member of the Santa Barbara Studio Artist Guild, curator for "Reverse" a contemporary printmaking show at the Fielding Graduate University as well as numerous shows throughout the country. 

"Art is healing and life enhancing.  When I am Involved in my art, I feel as though I am in another place in time, a place of complete peace, tranquility and strength.  I like my art to depict the beauty that surrounds us and to leave viewers with a sense of mystery, peace and contenment.  When I achieve this, it makes it all worthwhile."




Available Works

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