Artist Biography 

D. Arthur Wilson Artist Statement

My career started at the age of seventeen when I met and spoke with real artists. I call them real artists because their creations were their soul source of income. I have never forgotten those brave hearts, putting their love on the line for rejection or approval.

I was inspired and moved by their courage. Shortly there-after I joined the ranks of Professional Free-lance Artists, drawing pastel portraits and traveling the country. It was a gypsy’s life and I loved it.

It has been twenty-seven years, thousands of miles and too many stories to tell here, and it has been an incredible journey. I have had years to define my style, reflect on learning experiences and shoot for the stars. Today I pour myself into my work like never before. I choose to call my style “WILD EXPRESSIONISM”. I use wild creatures to express my inner thoughts and emotions. I receive incredible satisfaction when an audience picks up on its’ message.

Pastels are my chosen medium as I feel they are the best to recreate the illusion of fur and feather. Composition and attention to personality are defining characteristics of my work. All in all, I paint because I love it and love needs no reason.


“The single most brave, noble and difficult thing in life is to:
Know who you are
Be who you are, and
Share who you are.

Available Works

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