Artist Biography 

Tabitha L. Borges Photographer and freehand artist/painter in acrylic, pastels, and color pencils with a wide range of experience in the arts. I am dedicated to producing high quality art and will take special requests. I’ve been influenced by Michael Parkes, Claude Monet and other surrealistic artists, but my biggest influence, as a photographer/artist is my grandfather, recently deceased professional photographer Robert Thompson. At age eight, he bought me my first camera and spent countless hours drawing and encouraging my art. Because of his encouragement I have a great way to spend time, drawing, painting, and taking photos of my favorite subjects, people and nature. As a teacher of mine once said ”If you don’t love what you do, DON‘T!”

Freehand Artist/Painter in Acrylic & Pastels
Photographer with a wide range of experience in the Arts
Able to work on my own initiative and as part of a team
First–class analytical, design and problem solving skills dedicated to producing high quality Art

Major Achievements:
Took photos and arranged photo board for the casts of “Sorry Shakespeare” and “Tap Dreams” displayed at Whitaker Center at Harrisburg, Pa month of Oct 2003
Designed a backdrop and set for “Sorry Shakespeare” at Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, Pa month of Oct 2003
Designed posters and set for “Tap Dreams” at Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, Pa month of Oct 2003
Photo called “Hustle Bustle” displayed in “Digital Time Capsule” by “Talk To the Future” 2003
Mural of birds in trees for DD Delaney in his home in Palmyra, Pa July 1982

Related Work Experience:
1992 – 1993 Photographer for Ashley Old Time Photos
Shot portrait photos
Developed photos for customers
Framed finished product for customers
1990 Face Painter for Hershey Park
Painted cartoon characters on customers faces
1987 – 1990 Costume and Mask Designer and Maker at Rose Lehrman Art Center
Mark Twain Tall Tales
The Sword and The Stone
Little Lyka Lost and Found

1991 – 1992 Private Art Lessons with Julie Gulareed
1987 – 1990 Studied Communications in the Arts at Harrisburg Area Community College
1984 – 1987 Studied Art at Central Dauphin High School
1980 – 1989 Private Photography Lesson with Robert Thompson
1980 – 1982 Private Art Lessons with DD Delaney

Available Works

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