Artist Biography 

Libby Gaskins is originally from Stanley, NC, however she has lived in Fayetteville for many years. She began her art training by studying with Tom Moore, a portrait artist. He had a tremendous influence on her art. She later studied graphic arts at Fayetteville Technical Community College.

During her studies with Mr. Moore, she learned the principles he had learned from Henry Hensche of the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, Massachusetts. These principles used the dictums of Monet and they enabled people to see color better and to paint what they saw.

Mrs. Gaskins continued her art studies at Fayetteville Technical Community College where she was enrolled in the Commercial Art Program. While studying watercolor she realized that she enjoyed this medium and began using ink and watercolor to create drawings and paintings.

She has done ink drawings for commercial use while employed in the printing industry and has also painted several wall murals for the Museum of the Cape Fear. Kelly Springfield Tire Plant has commissioned several ink drawings and a portrait as a retirement gift for one of their employees. In addition, she has painted portraits for many people over the last 30 years.

“Pastel is probably my favorite medium, especially for portraits. I try to paint what I see and then take the painting a little beyond what is there. I feel that it gives the painting a spiritual feeling.”

Mrs. Gaskins continues to paint portraits, murals and still-life’s, using oils, pastels, ink, watercolor and pencil.

Available Works

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